My lamp hardware comes in nickel-plated brass (classy, not too shiny), and polished brass (my favorite). Switch mechanisms are available in three-way rotary knob (cast brass) and one-way pull chain (brass ball). All have very smooth operating switches. All are “Captive Ring” assemblies and not the common snap-together assemblies that so often malfunction.
The lamp hardware I use is very high-quality and UL listed. Hardware malfunctions are not likely as the components are much higher quality than sold in most stores. Even so, if your lamp stops working in the first two years, I arrange & pay for shipping. I will repair with no charge for parts or service. -- After three years you pay shipping & it will be repaired with no charge for parts or service. -- After 5 years, call me and we'll talk about it. You will have to pay for shipping, but if it is one of my long-lost beauties I might repair it for free just to get a look at it. If it is a hideous beast of a lamp, I will charge a reasonable fee for parts and service and make up the difference by selling tickets for people to point and laugh. Of course, if your lamp malfunction is due to extreme abuse, if it has been used to bake toaster strudels, if you have used it as a hammer to pound nails into the wall, if your dog has used it as a chew-toy, etc., I will quote a price for repair, or for burial, whichever seems most appropriate.
I do not sell lampshades at this time. I have found that most people consider shades a personal thing and would rather shop for the perfect one. I would be happy to include a harp and finial for no extra charge, but once again, most choose to match these items with the lampshade of their dreams.
Lamp Hardware & Warranty Information
High Quality "Captive Ring" assemblies.
Nickel-Plate Pull Chain
Polished Brass Pull Chain
Nickel-Plate 3-Way Knob
Polished Brass 3-Way Knob
I don't use the more common (cheap) snap together sockets.
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Example of Hideous Beast of a Lamp
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