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Please excuse the mess as this website is being revised/rebuilt.
The Dirt Dauber Pottery studio is located in Austin, Texas and is the planet’s only provider of original artworks created at…Dirt Dauber Pottery. All fired ceramics and metal fabrications produced here are original works by local potter, Doug Brooks. . The other person there is Jill. When Doug catches on fire, Jill puts him out.
While sculpture, slab-pottery, slip-resist, pit-firing, body casting, metal fabrication, and general mud-slinging are all practiced here, the center of the Dirt Dauber universe is the potter’s wheel and nothing does the wheel justice like Post-Fire-Reduction, aka "Raku," Click the “What is Raku” link for a detailed explanation of Raku.
Coming soon are instructional videos, useful tips, kiln ideas, and gadgets devised to make clay-working, metal fabrication, and Raku firing a little more interesting and more productive.
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